Margaret & Preben’s update from Clevedon


46, Thackeray Avenue, Clevedon, North Somerset BS21 7JJ

Landline: 01275 871510

                           E-mail: [email protected] (Preben) and [email protected] (Margaret)

Dear Friends,

We felt we wanted to send you a greeting now that we have been in our lovely bungalow for almost precisely one month, and nothing below is given in any particular order at all. Just so that you know that we are both happy and well and grateful for living in such a beautiful part of God’s world. We are surrounded by friendly neighbours, at least one of whom attends Christchurch where we hope to secure our places in the congregation (by booking) as the church slowly but surely reopens in early October. Although we enjoy the on-line services provided by Christchurch, which will continue, we have missed the social interaction in the actual building (however restricted) and look forward soon to getting to know even more people.

 Clevedon Pier

Almost every day Margaret and I walk along the promenade and often we make it to the end of the beautiful pier (and yes, we have our annual passes which saves a lot of money). We also enjoy sitting by the large Marine Lake (or lido) and in fact Preben has entered a poetry competition where – if he is successful – his poem about the lido may be written on a

Steps from Poets Walk, Clevedon

big tablet between the lido and the start of the Poet’s Walk for all to read. Keep dreaming, Andersen! We also very much enjoy Portishead high street and the marina and all the other places of beauty not too far away at all. It is a good thing we are members of both the National Trust and British Heritage, although of course you need to pre-book wherever you go these days. It’s worth it though.

We have been very fortunate with visits from all the members of our family since we arrived – not all at once but in turn – but obviously with continued restrictions who can tell what the future holds? Nevertheless, the beauty surrounding us, the fulfilment just going for a walk or sit in the garden can give you, and all the other things we can tend to take for granted, more than make up for the laws, rules and regulations that try to curb our activities. We are both well and thank God every day for that.

Perhaps next time we write we may be able to include a picture, but my camera has not yet been unboxed! And in fact why not wait with that until we have our conservatory built some months from now and we can have a massive house warming party for all our friends? Wouldn’t that be nice? Come on, Boris!

We love to hear from you and thank you for keeping in touch. Mobile signals are hit and miss where we live, but landline and internet reception both excellent. Needless to say, any time you’re heading in this direction, do give us a shout. We’d love to see you.

Preben & Margaret