Supers musings…..

Hebrews 7.25He is able to save completely those who come to God through Him, because He always lives to intercede for them.

Hebrews 7:25


I wait for a train on a dark platform. There is no evidence that it is coming and I trust the information given is true. I look at my watch. It’s late. Then the faintest rumble and a single carriage train draws close. Relieved I sit and ten minutes later I alight in the city and catch the next train home.

This reminds me of prayer. Waiting, trusting and upon hearing an answer, the awareness that we move to the hub of all creation where there are many platforms that can take us all around the country, indeed all around the world.

On that first platform the prayer is shaky, slow and feels that it is going nowhere fast, but still I entrust myself to it. This smallest, most tenuous of connections links us to the depth of Mystery. When I pray, I step on board that little country train, and there are no limits to where it may lead.

So let us pray. We have, in January 2020 a whole month of prayer in the Circuit; in the Spring we have 9 days of prayer in Thy Kingdom Come; in our Circuit prayer booklet we have prayers for each Chapel.

As we enter these darker and longer nights let us draw ever closer into the presence and heart of God offering our shaky, slow prayers to the Creator who reveals Oneself in Jesus Christ who fills us with the Holy Spirit to guide us on our shared journey of faith into eternity.